Great chemistry for 87 years.

When J. Robinson (Bob) Silver, Jr. founded Akron Chemical Company in 1929, he launched a business that would stand the test of time. The company today known as Akrochem Corporation is a major player in the development, marketing and distribution of compounding materials and color concentrates to the rubber and plastics industry. In 87 years, a lot has changed. But much remains the same.

Under continuous ownership by the Silver Family, Akrochem is now led by the founder’s grandson, Walt Silver as CEO, and great-grandson, Jay Silver as president. Along the way, there have been other family leaders, great alliances and remarkable growth.

Highlights include the establishment of the affiliated Revlis Corporation in 1971, the introduction of thermoplastic color concentrates in 1982, the addition of an 85,000-sq.-ft. distribution center in 1993, ISO certification for Akrochem in 1998 and Revlis in 2009, a 40,000-sq.-ft. addition to the distribution center in 2007, NACD membership in 2012 and a new corporate office in 2013.

Through all the changes, the company has never swayed from its dedication to building business relationships based on great chemistry, expertise and service. That commitment remains the same. And always will.